IGT lauded for environmental stewardship

PROVIDENCE – International Game Technology PLC has been recognized by the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) Climate Change Program for its leadership in fighting climate change.

IGT got a score of A-, up from its 2016 score of B. CDP tightened the competition for IGT and other companies in the voluntary program this year, adopting stricter guidelines.

“This recognition … is especially significant given that CDP has made its requirements more stringent,” said Robert K. Vincent, IGT executive vice president of administrative services and external relations. “At the same time that we’re celebrating this achievement, we are continuing to seek more ways to reduce emissions and energy consumption across our global business.”

The score indicates a company is taking coordinated action on climate-change issues and is implementing best practices.

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In its application for the honor, IGT demonstrated that it increased its environmental data reporting; significantly reduced emissions and the impact of its production process; maintained its environmental management systems in accordance with the ISO 14001 global standard; and provided employees with resources on reaching environmental goals, among other initiatives.

Susan Shalhoub is a PBN contributing writer.