ParsonsKellogg broadens promotional horizons toward e-commerce

Fastest Growing Companies | $25M-$75M | 2nd place
CEO (or equivalent): Thomas P. Kellogg III, founder and president
2017 Revenue: $37,745,617
2015 Revenue: $20,867,066
Revenue growth: 80.9%

ParsonsKellogg has been in the promotional-products game for more than 15 years, but now the East Providence-based business is broadening its horizons.

ParsonsKellogg works with Nike, Adidas, Oakley and other well-known brands to produce custom products for Fortune 500 companies – everything from corporate jackets to sunglasses and water bottles. The company will soon up its game by rolling out a comprehensive online ordering system and e-commerce sites.

“We’re going to position ourselves for the future to re-create our business online,” said founder and President Thomas P. Kellogg III. “It will create an experience for our customers that’s similar to Amazon.”

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Kellogg also envisions ParsonsKellogg going beyond corporate swag to provide other services for clients, such as sponsored music events and on-site event management. For example, rather than just shipping sunglasses to a corporate client, ParsonsKellogg could set up and staff a custom-fit sunglasses booth at a corporate event.

“We almost create an experiential event in the beginning, revolving around the fact that we sell custom logo products, offering support and staffing for events,” said Kellogg.