R.I. launches online ballot tracker ahead of primaries

THE R.I. SECRETARY OF STATE'S office on Monday launched an online data tracker to track ballots cast ahead of and on the Sept. 13 primary day. /SCREENSHOT

PROVIDENCE – The R.I. Office of the Secretary of State is again offering live voting updates leading up to the Sept. 13 primaries.

Secretary of State Nellie M. Gorbea on Monday announced the state will offer daily updates on how many people have voted – including early voting and through mail-in ballots – through an online tracker. Gorbea is a candidate for governor in the Democratic primary.

The website, which will be updated twice daily, includes the number of votes cast in each city or town, and whether they were submitted by mail or in-person voting. On Sept. 13, the page will also be updated hourly with votes cast at polling places, according to the release.

This is the second time the state has used a live online tracker to keep tabs on ballots; the first time was in the 2020 election, according to Johnathan Berard, a spokesperson for Gorbea’s office.

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As of Aug. 26, the latest data available, 2,125 votes had been cast during early voting, representing .3% of eligible voters. This does not include mail-in ballots, none of which had been recorded as returned to the state election board.

Nancy Lavin is a PBN staff writer. You may reach her at Lavin@PBN.com.

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  1. Early voting is an asinine idea.
    After 50 years in the business world, I’ve learned to wait until the last possible second to make an important decision because new relevant info may surface at any moment that may adversely impact any decision made in haste, especially
    Apparently, too many RI voters don’t care about relevant info and are so narrow minded that no amount of relevant info is going to change their minds anyway. What an insult to the millions who have served in our armed forces to obtain and protect our RIght to vote, not to mention those who have died doing so.
    People who insist on voting early should lose their RIght to vote, since they are willing to vote misinformed which explains how the folks currently running RI and PVD got elected in the first place.