Raimondo announces reduction in regulations

PROVIDENCE – Gov. Gina M. Raimondo announced Thursday her administration has reduced by almost one-third the volume of regulations affecting small businesses in Rhode Island.

Initially, about 8,000 pages of regulations were on the books. Over the past two years, the executive branch has reviewed all regulations for redundancy and necessity.

“Finally, we have a regulatory code that saves businesses time and money and eliminates unnecessary red tape,” Raimondo said.

The elimination of regulations should particularly impact small businesses. Since 2016, state agencies have repealed 159 regulations, and streamlined or amended more than 900 others.

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For example, the state no longer has a “keg tax” aimed at small breweries and has streamlined regulations on food trucks.

Mary MacDonald is a staff writer for the PBN. Contact her at macdonald@pbn.com.