T.F. Green June traffic up 3.3%

TRAFFIC AT T.F. Green Airport increased 3.31 percent in June. / PBN FILE PHOTO/ MICHAEL SALERNO
TRAFFIC AT T.F. Green Airport increased 3.3 percent in June. / PBN FILE PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

WARWICK – Traffic at T.F. Green Airport in June rose 3.3 percent year over year, according to a report from the R.I. Airport Corp.

A total of 327,916 passengers passed though T.F. Green in June, an increase of 10,499 from June 2016. Of the total passengers, 161,324 were emplaned, or put onto a plane at the airport. Emplaned passengers increased 3.11 percent year over year.

Year-to-date through June, traffic at T.F. Green has increased 0.24 percent to 1,768,900 passengers. The number of passengers put onto planes year-to-date at T.F. Green increased 0.09 percent year over year to 877,377.

Southwest Airlines accounted for 44.5 percent of all traffic at T.F. Green in June, the largest share of total passengers of any airline. American Airlines followed, with 87,832 passengers, a 26.8 percent share of total passengers for the month.

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Norwegian Air accounted for 1,780 passengers in June, the first month of its service expansion into T.F. Green, immediately accounting for 0.5 percent of all traffic.

Federal Express accounted for the most total mail and freight in both the month of June (1,283,300 pounds) and year-to-date (7.1 million pounds). United Parcel Service accounted for the second-largest total mail and freight at T.F. Green in June, with 900,663 pounds, and 4.4 million pounds year-to-date.

Chris Bergenheim is the PBN web editor.

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