Taco Comfort Solutions 0018e App-connected Circulator

THE STORY: As Taco Comfort Solutions approaches its centennial in 2020, the division of The Taco Family of Cos. looks to grow through acquisitions across the globe. But the third-generation family-owned company also looks to grow by finding new markets for its heating-cooling-plumbing products, as well as moving beyond its core expertise in hydronics.

› Using real-time control, diagnostics and reporting through a mobile app, the 0018e is built for water circulation in residential outputs, including radiators, baseboards and radiant heating

› The 0018e is made at the company’s Cranston headquarters and production facility

› HVAC contractors and homeowners are the customers for the circulator

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› It is the first circulator to use wireless communication through the app, which allows the user to see inside the hydronic heating system

› The new product has a motor made of composite materials, while the casing is cast iron

› 12 to 15 people work to make one unit over 8 to 10 minutes

› Taco employs 900