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CIRCUITOUS ROUTE: Rosalind “Roz” Rustigian tried her hand at several different occupations before taking over her father’s V. George Rustigian Rugs Inc. business in Providence after he died in 1980.

Roz keeps the rugs rolling at Rustigian

When Rosalind Rustigian was a teenager, her dad, Rusty, offered her some fatherly advice. “He wrote me a note. It said I should keep my...
SPREADING HER WINGS: Lindsay Kuhn launched her online career platform Wingspans Inc. after realizing there was a career opportunity gap for students in Providence while teaching at Nathan Bishop Middle School. 

Connecting students and job seekers to careers through storytelling

From the time she was a teenager in Coral Springs, Fla., Lindsay Kuhn recognized the power of storytelling. Throughout her career, that power has...
POSITIVE ­IMPACT: XBInsight Inc. President Kathi Graham-Leviss developed a database of thousands of jobs that predicts how successful someone will be at work from both a fit and performance ­perspective.

She has the insights to predict job success in terms of...

Anyone who’s watched “Succession,” the addictive saga about the mega-wealthy Roys, knows how it ends (spoiler alert): the family business doesn’t always remain in...
ADDING ­FLAVOR: ­Mariana R. Silva-Buck and her daughter, Sofia, launched Little Maven Lemonade in 2020, a spinoff from Sofia’s lemonade stand. Now Little Maven has three flavors – original, Amazonia and Unicorn. 

From lemonade stand to fruitful company

When life hands you lemons, don’t just make lemonade. Consider Mariana R. Silva-Buck’s solution – a lemonade company launched from her daughter’s lemonade stand. Since...
A SOLID ­FOUNDATION: Angela Conte sits with a selection of granite blocks at Structural Stone LLC that will be used for upcoming projects. Conte’s father, a stone carver, built a quarry business after migrating from Portugual. Now she and her husband, Donald, operate their own business, Structural Stone, in North Kingstown. 

She’s carved out a place in a rock-hard industry

Explore many of the cities on the East Coast, and chances are you’ll see the work of Angela Conte’s North Kingstown company, Structural Stone...

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STEADY GROWTH: Audrey Finocchiaro, co-owner of The Nitro Bar, has taken her coffee business from a simple cart in 2016 to now preparing to open her fourth location in June, in Little Compton. At right is Coffee Director Nick Berry at the Providence shop.

She’s percolating on a path to nitro-fueled success

The Nitro Bar barista whips up cold brew nitro coffee with the flair of a bartender. He scoops ice into a glass and with...
DYNAMIC LEADER: Tracey Beck, left, co-owner and chief operating officer of The Beck Cos. in North Smithfield, speaks with cabinet assembler Ruth Gomez.

Entrepreneurial path wasn’t part of her plan, but it helped her...

Kids can be a tough crowd to impress, especially when it comes to their parents. Consider this example, courtesy of Tracey Beck who ventured...
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