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Establish a financial footing early

As Rhode Island students are settling into a new college year and recent grads are embarking on their first full-time jobs, with these big...

Report: R.I. ranks No. 22 for fiscal, social independence in nation

PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island ranked No. 22 for independence on WalletHub's 2018's Most & Least Independent States. To arrive at the rankings, a WalletHub data...

Survey: Americans place high value on credit cards and good scores

PROVIDENCE – Americans’ attitudes toward that pervasive American invention – credit cards – are somewhat mixed, according to a recent survey by WalletHub, but...
A RECENT LENDEDU study that surveyed 500 millennials between the ages of 17 and 37 concluded millennials have an intermediate understanding of credit scores. /COURTESY LENDEDU

Study: Millennials could afford to learn more about credit scores

PROVIDENCE – A new study shows one in every five millennials have never checked their credit scores. A study released last week by LendEdu, an...
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