U.S. Naval War College forum to boost cyber focus

THE U.S. NAVAL WAR COLLEGE in Newport looks to better align professional military education with the needs of the U.S. Cyber Command under the Department of Defense through a new workshop to be held Jan. 17-18.

NEWPORT – The new Cyber and Innovation Policy Institute at the U.S. Naval War College will hold a workshop titled “Professional Military Education and the Cyber Domain” from Jan. 17-18.

The workshop, which is closed to the public, is a response to National Defense Strategy’s call to ramp up professional military education, according to the college’s website.

Goals of the workshop include better awareness of the services cyber commands’ and U.S. Cyber Command’s needs from PME institutions, and a sharing of best practices.

“The workshop is intended to further PME institutions’ cyber research and educational efforts by fostering a pro-active, engaged, innovative and collaborative community,” the Naval War College said. “Crucially, the workshop will provide a venue for direct engagement with the services’ cyber commands and will help the PME community meet ever-increasing demands for a cyber-capable force.”

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The invitation-only event will take place at Mahan Hall at the Naval War College.

Susan Shalhoub is a PBN contributing writer.