U.S. Naval War College President Harley reassigned amid investigation by Navy

NEWPORT – The U.S. Naval War College says President Rear Admiral Jeffrey Harley was administratively reassigned pending the final report from an ongoing inspector general investigation.

Harley was administratively reassigned on June 9 to the role of director of Navy staff.

The Associated Press on Monday reported that Harley announced that he will be stepping down immediately due to distractions caused by a June 7 AP report on the investigation.

U.S. Navy Commander Gary Ross, public affairs officer of the U.S. Naval War College, would not comment on the nature of the investigation and did not confirm that Harley was stepping down, reiterating he had been reassigned.

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The AP said the investigation involves allegations of financial negligence and alleged questionable behavior involving Harley, who was named Naval War College president in July 2016.

Lewis M. Duncan, provost of the Naval War College, has temporarily assumed the duties of the president, according to the Navy.