Warwick to join free BCBSRI wellness plan

WARWICK – Mayor Scott Avedisian Friday announced the city will participate in Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island’s MuniBlue health-management service.

Under the program, which is free to subscriber municipalities, a MuniBlue advisor will analyze the city’s recent claims data and the municipal employees’ current health status. The advisor then will use that data in deciding which programs and services to include in the program’s wellness initiatives. A health interests survey will offer employees the opportunity to voice their preferences.

The employees also will have the opportunity to complete a confidential online personal health assessment and receive personalized feedback. The advisor will also meet with employees and key personnel, to learn about issues and demographics, and will help to arrange seminars, retiree programs and an employee Wellness Committee.

“We feel that the MuniBlue service will provide a valuable component to our overall efforts to increase employee health and reduce their risks for chronic or life-threatening conditions,” Avedisian said. “Not only is this a no-cost program, it will likely save money in the long run as people become more proactive in ensuring their health and well-being.”

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