Warwick’s SEVAN inks manufacturing deal with PBS Kids

WARWICK – SEVAN Design & Marketing, a development, product design, prototyping and manufacturing firm launched less than a year ago, has announced a partnership with PBS Kids, based in Washington, D.C.

Under the two-year global licensing agreement, SEVAN (named after CEO Rick Schad’s son, Evan, and Evan’s favorite number, seven) will provide a toy line of the PBS Kids characters that represent the children’s network.

Schad says the relationship with PBS Kids has been ongoing since last fall; the deal solidifies the companies’ partnership. SEVAN is providing toy design and development, packaging and manufacturing, as well as secure distribution, beginning later this year in Whole Foods stores nationwide and expanding globally in 2019 to include other major retailers.

“We’re really excited to have a partner such as PBS so early in our company’s life,” Schad told Providence Business News.

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The toys will be mainly wooden, based on the network’s proprietary characters and relatable to small children, said Schad.

“All of the toy designs are developed and prototyped in-house, led by Vice President of Design Kirk Grathwol. We have strong manufacturing partners and know that pricing is key here, with the toys set to be sold retail, globally. We see this as the beginning of great collaborations with PBS Kids,” he said.

SEVAN and its small team plan to move into a building now under renovation in Warwick, said Schad. Its facility will be equipped with the latest 3-D plastic and metal prototyping equipment.

Sevan also has another location, in Logan, Utah, said Schad.

Susan Shalhoub is a PBN contributor.