1% hotel, meal and beverage tax collections fall 17% in Sept.

COLLECTION OF the 1% hotel tax in Rhode Island totaled $261,010 in November. / PBN FILE PHOTO/MARY MACDONALD
COLLECTION OF the 1% meal, beverage and hotel taxes in Rhode Island declined 17%, to $2.8 million, in September. / PBN FILE PHOTO/MARY MACDONALD

PROVIDENCE – Collections of the local 1% hotel, meal and beverage taxes declined a combined 17% year over year in September, to $2.8 million, the R.I. Department of Revenue said on Monday.

Meal and beverage tax collections declined 15%, to $2.4 million. Year over year, Providence, Warwick and Newport saw the biggest declines, collecting $136,244, $67,017 and $57,631 less respectively. Cranston saw the biggest gain, collecting $176,508, a gain of $11,322, or 7%.

The 1% hotel tax collected $374,470 in September, down $174,716, or 32%, from the same month in 2019. Providence, Newport and Warwick saw the biggest declines, losing $66,492, $31,785 and $30,691 respectively.

New Shoreham saw the biggest year over year gain, collecting $39,475, up $13,917, or 54.5%.

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