ChartWise Medical helps hospitals maximize reimbursements

Fastest Growing Companies | $5M-$25M | 4th place
CEO (or equivalent): Steven Mason, president and CEO
2017 Revenue: $6,330,941
2015 Revenue: $4,045,716
Revenue growth: 56.5%

Medicare uses clinical documentation and coding to issue reimbursements. When hospitals get this information wrong, they ultimately lose out on revenue.

That’s where ChartWise Medical Systems Inc. comes in. The company’s software improves clinical documentation in order to maximize reimbursements. Among other things, the software can quickly analyze patients’ medical histories, lab results and medications, and flag potential undocumented conditions.

“If a patient is on insulin but diabetes has not been noted by the physician, our application will alert the user to consider whether the patient has diabetes,” said Executive Vice President Mary Cooper.

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The company has grown 170 percent since 2014 and doubled its hospital user base.

Cooper credits the company’s superior product for its success. ChartWise has received a Best in KLAS award in the software and services category three years in a row. It will soon integrate natural language processing and machine learning into its product.

Maintaining relationships with hospital executives has also helped ChartWise compete with larger companies. Founder Dr. Jonathan L. Elion regularly publishes articles and presents on medical documentation at state and national meetings.