China Blue a Rhode Island resident has been nominated the Artist-in-Residence for a 2 year appointment at the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute, at the Rhode Island Hospital. For this for the first of its kind in the nation residency she will be working with Dr. Peter Snyder, Vice President for Research at Lifespan and Professor of Neurology at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University to develop 3D prints of microscopic images of Amyloid Plaques the cause of Alzheimer’s and Ocular blood vessels a possible early stage identifier of Alzheimer’s. She will also be working with Dr. Daniel Dickstein, Director of the Pediatric Mood, Imaging and Neurodevelopment Program at Bradley Hospital in Rhode Island to explore the therapeutic applications of her work “MindDraw” to help people with attention. Her work can be viewed during Brain Week Rhode Island at Brown University’s Brain Fair and from March 19th and from March 4-April 15 at the Warren Albert Medical School at Brown University.

China Blue is interested in how our world is built from our sensations and perceptions and how this emerging purview provides not only a basis for exploring the inner world of the mind, but also how technological extensions of our senses, provide a way to transcend their limits. Her work enhances the audience’s perceptual world through her investigations and explorations into bioacoustics, ultra and infrasonic sampling devices, brain wave monitoring, and robotic sensory avatars.

China Blue ( is an art pioneer who has received two NASA/RI Space Grants. One was for her research of the sound created by NASA’s Vertical Gun. The Vertical Gun is a three meter tall meteorite impact simulator which shoots particles at Mach-10. Her project is the first proposal to study sound in the facility which has been in existence for 50 years. She is also the first person to record the Eiffel Tower in Paris and discover her sound.

As an internationally exhibiting artist in 2013 China Blue was the US Representative at Tokyo Wondersite’s Experimental Art Fair. In 2008 she represented the US at OPEN XI in Venice, Italy an exhibition held in conjunction with the Architecture Biennale.  Her exhibition “Firefly Projects” was nominated for the 2012 “Best Monographic Museum Exhibition, Nationally” by the International Association of Art Critics.

Reviews of her work have been published in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Art in America, Art Forum, artCritical and NY Arts to name a few. She has been interviewed by France 3 (TV), for the film “Com-mu-nity” produced by the Architecture Institute of America and was the featured artist for the 2006 annual meeting of the Acoustic Society of America. She has been an invited speaker at Harvard, Yale, MIT, Berkelee School of Music, Reed College and Brown University and an adjunct professor and Fellow at Brown University in the United States. She is the Founder and Executive Director of The Engine Institute.

The Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute is dedicated to advancing the neurosciences and reducing human suffering from disorders of the nervous system through world-class research, outstanding clinical care and advanced education. .

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