David H. Lichtenstein, CPA, MST, Sansiveri, Kimball & Co., LLP Partner

As a Partner since November, David H. Lichtenstein has been providing tax expertise for clients, co-leading staff development efforts, and helping to shape and define Sansiveri’s Tax Consulting & Compliance department into the next generation.

“We’re constantly looking at the big picture as business advisors – not just approaching issues through a tax lens. The best tax decision may not always be the best business decision, and our use of top-notch technology enables us to efficiently serve clients.”

Solving problems and looking out for the best interests of others — typically in “traditional” fashion — is what has driven Dave throughout his long career in public accounting. “Digital communication has unfortunately become the norm in our society, with phone calls and face to face meetings being replaced by texts and emails. So when a client or colleague needs my help, I’m ready to pick up the phone, walk down the hall, or hop in the car for a visit.”

Outside of Sansiveri, Dave is an avid traveler and musician who is actively involved in the community — serving as PTO Treasurer at his daughter’s school. David received his Masters in Taxation from Bryant University and Bachelors in Accounting from Binghamton University.

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