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THE STORY: Evans Capacitor Co. has been making capacitors – a device used for storing an electric charge – since 1990. Its hybrid capacitors have established a niche for very high-power, high-reliability pieces with defense and aerospace applications, and its customers are across the globe.

› Evans makes its capacitors in East Providence

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› About 50,000 capacitors are made per year

› Each hand-assembled piece costs hundreds of dollars

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› Evans capacitors can be found in helicopters, radar arrays, lasers, military and commercial aircraft, satellites, large drills used in energy exploration and military communication systems

› Thanks to being the most power-dense capacitors in the industry, Evans’ capacitors are significantly smaller and lighter than other technologies

› Forty-five people work at Evans

› Tantalum is the main material in an Evans capacitor

Mark S. Murphy is editor of PBN.

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