Five Questions With: Lori Joyal

LORI JOYAL was recently named one of the most productive sales associates in the U.S., as part of the REAL Trends America Best Real Estate Professionals listing. / COURTESY LILA DELMAN REAL ESTATE INTERNATIONAL

Lori Joyal recently was named one of the most productive sales associates in the U.S., as part of the REAL Trends America Best Real Estate Professionals listing. The report cited her $83 million in sales in Rhode Island in 2017. A sales associate with Lila Delman Real Estate International, Joyal responded to questions posed by the Providence Business News.

PBN: Your sales activity in 2017 was $83 million. Give our readers an idea of what this means – were you the list agent, the buyer’s agent in some transactions – and how does this figure compare with your previous years?

JOYAL: I am very fortunate to be where I am and have the success that I have. In 2017, I had $83 million in sales, which included 82 transactions. In 2016, I had $66 million in sales, which came through 80 transactions.

PBN: Do you have a rotation of clients and can you give people an idea of what keeping all of those properties moving at once involves?

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JOYAL: I am very fortunate that much of my business comes from a referral of past clients, both buyers and sellers. My dedication to my clients is paramount. Much of my business is after the sale as clients turn in to relationships and more often than not, friends. I tell everyone I work with- you simply cannot get rid of me. I have a steady clientele and my goal is constant contact, whether a buyer or seller. Communication and being detailed oriented is the key to building of relationships.

PBN: When you have a great year, what is your own personal celebration? Do you take time to smell the roses, so to speak, or is there no down time in a hot market?

JOYAL: My personal dedication is to strive to be constantly busy. Real estate is really all day, every day and you cannot do that if you don’t love it. And rest assured I love it. The friends and relationships I have made in my 13 years is something I am very proud of.

PBN: What advice would you give younger Realtors who are starting in the business – and trying to get to where you are?

JOYAL: I would tell those getting in the business to take heed that the customer comes first. Strive for developing relationships. Let your clients know they come first. Answer your phone. Respond to an email or text within a minimum of an hour. Make yourself a professional, dedicated to your profession.

PBN: You have been with Lila Delman for more than 13 years – what are the benefits of staying with a particular company?

JOYAL: I have been with Lila Delman Real Estate since I started in real estate having come from the corporate world. Their business model is second to none. Although we are known for high end, it is simply not true. Every client, no matter your price point, gets the same level of service and marketing. That is truly the beauty of our company. They are fabulous family-owned company with a dedicated marketing team and the energy and drive of success is utterly amazing. They give all of our agents the resources to be successful. I have never looked back since joining the company and am grateful for their dedication to the agents so we can be totally dedicated to our customers.

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