FM Global’s index tool is a special one

Great attention is given to scalable technological breakthroughs. But smaller, incremental improvements can have effects just as powerful as well.

FM Global is well-known across the globe for its expertise on assessing risk. But it has taken that expertise to places that provide a tangible – and company-saving – benefit.

The breakthrough in question is FM Global’s Resilience Index. When it was created a few years ago, it created a matrix of information that ranked the business resilience of nearly 130 countries. In an understated press release recently, FM Global made public the 2017 version of the index, one that can be customized to individual companies.

The risks that FM Global tracks include fire, natural disasters and rebuild time, among other things. For any company operating across the globe, understanding the risks it faces can be the difference between surviving a catastrophic event through smart planning and going out of business.

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No one can ever say that FM Global is a unicorn. But it is a pretty special beast nonetheless.