Hunt 32 Center Console

THE STORY: Hunt Yachts was founded in 1998 in Massachusetts to build designs from C. Raymond Hunt Associates. The company moved to Rhode Island in 2004.

› The 32 Center Console model is designed for coastal cruising for saltwater fishing and day trips

› It takes 25 to 30 people 6 to 8 months to build the 32 CC at the company’s Portsmouth manufacturing facility

› The company prides itself on building a boat that fits the customer’s needs, so only a handful are built each year

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› The 32 CC was first made in 2015

› Hunt Yachts touts its boats’ smooth ride, even in rough seas

› Resin-infused fiberglass is the material used in its construction

› Hunt Yachts is a division of The Hinckley Company, which has 700 employees across the United States

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