Luxury linens made close to home

2019 PBN Fastest Growing Companies: $25m – $75M
3. John Matouk & Co.

CEO (or equivalent): George Matouk Jr.
2018 Revenue: $37,942,000
2016 Revenue: $29,325,000
Revenue growth: 29.4%

JOHN MATOUK & CO. achieved success by keeping much of its production in the region. The 90-year-old luxury linen manufacturer makes about half of its products at its Fall River facility.

“We manufacture [locally] not because we think it’s the right thing to do, although we do,” said CEO George Matouk Jr. “The real reason is because it gives us a competitive advantage over the other players competing with strictly import models.”

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Producing and importing an item from overseas can take 12 to 16 weeks, Matouk said. John Matouk & Co. can make new products daily while offering customers more options for customization.

Diversifying its distribution has also been key. Ten years ago, independent retail stores comprised 70% of the company’s sales. Today, Matouk employs a multichannel distribution strategy, selling to independent retailers, Bloomingdale’s, interior designers, hotels and through its own e-commerce site and the websites of department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

“We wanted to be responsive to the world we live in now where the consumer is in charge,” Matouk said. “The points of distribution are figuring out how to make the best presentation to that consumer.”

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