Patricia Raskin, owner and CEO, Raskin Resources Productions

PBN 2020 Leaders & Achievers Awards
Patricia Raskin | Owner and CEO, Raskin Resources Productions

PATRICIA RASKIN IS A SELF-MADE woman, and a lot of her success is rooted in practicing what she preaches.

“I really believe we are going to make this world a better place one by one helping other people,” she said. “What has really gotten me through the hard times in my life is doing this line of work. It has really uplifted me.”

Raskin, owner and CEO of East Greenwich-based Raskin Resources Productions, has spent 35 years in media spreading positivity, between lifestyle, change and healthy aging. She has interviewed more than 5,000 people in her career, and has hosted and produced media programs that have aired on PBS, FOX, NPR and Cumulus Media affiliates. Interviewees have talked about positive messaging during her shows.

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“There is a focus on what works and what doesn’t,” Raskin said. “It’s solutions-based problem-solving.”

Her podcast program, “The Patricia Raskin Positive Living Show,” is in its 18th year and she has been a pioneer in the industry. She hosts her own cable TV show and an internet radio show. Raskin said her radio and TV programs have been creative outlets for her.

“I’ve had some judgement and criticism doing this work,” Raskin said. “But I can get on air and share my opinions and it’s accepted. It’s a place where I have the freedom to creatively express myself and encourage others to express themselves in the most positive way.”

Her latest venture is training people how to produce or improve their own podcasts. Raskin said the podcasts are vehicles for people to get to know and trust the hosts.

“I’m interested in helping people get out that important message they want to deliver so they can help others,” Raskin said.

Raskins serves on several boards, regularly chairs women’s events and writes columns on healthy living.

“There is such a drive to make things good,” she said. “We are role models for people whether we like it or not and we teach other people how to treat us based on how we treat ourselves.”