Pawtucket Asphalt abandons plans for manufacturing plant on city’s west side

PAWTUCKET – Plans for an asphalt manufacturing plant on the border of the Woodlawn and Fairlawn neighborhoods have been abandoned, according to city officials.

Mayor Donald Grebien joined City Council members Meghan Kallman and Timothy Rudd, and Jeff Joaquin of Pawtucket Asphalt, on May 5 to announce the agreement to abandon plans for the plant that was to be located at 560 Mineral Spring Ave., on the western side of the city.

In addition to the proposal including land in a designated floodplain and wetland, city officials expressed concerns regarding negative impacts on health, quality of life and real estate values.

“After discussions with a number of community members and leaders, I realized that it was in everyone’s best interest to move in a different direction,” Joaquin said in a statement.

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Grebien added: “This was a great example of people coming together and working with a … business to make sure that a positive resolution was reached.”