Rebelle Artisan Sandwiches

THE STORY: Milena Pagan didn’t like the bagels she could find in Providence, so she took matters into her own hands (literally) and started making bagels that reminded her of those in her hometown of New York.

› Rebelle makes hand-rolled and boiled bagels along with pastries, sandwiches and more, made from flour, yeast, water, sugar and salt

› Breakfast is the meal that people think of bagels for, but they can be eaten at any time of day

› After building the business model at the Warren food incubator Hope & Main, Pagan opened a store on the East Side of Providence in 2017

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› Each bagel costs $2

› Rebelle makes about 200,000 bagels per year

› The shop says that it takes its craft seriously, but themselves not so much

› Six to seven bakers work to make bagels every day, with the process taking 24 hours

› Each bagel follows this process: make dough, proof it, roll it, proof again overnight, boil and bake the next morning