Roger Williams Medical Center announces pancreatic cancer clinical trial

A CLINICAL TRIAL at Roger Williams Medical Center will test a new chemotherapy delivery method for pancreatic cancer.

PROVIDENCE – A newly announced clinical trial at Roger Williams Medical Center will test the ability of a system designed to deliver drugs directly into pancreatic tumors.

The approach streamlines traditional pancreatic cancer treatment methods, which delivers drugs through the body’s artery system.

A new system, developed by Trisalus Life Sciences, makes use of veins in the pancreas during chemotherapy.

“We’ve made significant advances in developing therapeutics to address various forms of cancer, but solid tumors of the pancreas have significant barriers that prevent therapies from penetrating the entire tumor,” said Dr. Ritesh Rathore, principal investigator for the trial at Roger Williams Medical Center. “This trial will help us evaluate the role of this novel drug delivery technology in overcoming tumor infusion barriers and delivering the most toxic component of the regimen deep into the solid tumor.”

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Patients who have not received treatment or who have undergone first-line systemic therapy are eligible for the trial.

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