How can Cox Business help your retail business?

You’re always thinking about your business, even if you can’t always be there. With Cox Business Security Solutions (CBSS), you can keep an eye on things from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Make sure schedules are on schedule and deliveries are delivered. Get alerts if the cameras pick up unexpected activity or if the system isn’t armed on time at the end of the day.

Manage Remotely
You don’t have to be at your business to make sure everything’s business as usual. View live footage, review saved footage and control thermostats and lights with our mobile app-you can even use it on an Apple watch. Set up custom alerts and schedules for repeat events, like setting the alarm at closing time or adjusting the thermostat before your store opens.

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Improve Sales
Surveillance video lets you can see where your customers go and don’t go to maximize the effectiveness of your store’s layout. Want to know if it’s busy or slow? Use the app to view your cameras and get a live view into your store. By getting a real-time view of busy hours, you can adjust your staffing to reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

Reduce Loss
Wondering how productive your employees are when you’re away? Get the most out of your staff and prevent register shortages and sweethearting. Set up custom alerts for high-priced items to address any shoplifting issues. With a variety of cameras and sensors, Cox Business helps you make sure little problems don’t grow into big problems.

The presence of 24/7 surveillance and detection can not only protect your business from a variety of threats, it can stop them before they start. Guard against fraudulent liability claims with easy access to saved footage. Plus, visible security cameras and sensors will make potential offenders think twice, keeping your employees, your customers-and your business-safe.

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