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STRENUOUS SUMMER: Brad Marthens, who co-owns The Atlantic Inn on Block Island with his wife, Anne, had to cut room rates to help fill vacancies and didn’t have enough staff to open the inn’s restaurant daily until August, something he is usually able to start doing in June.

SINKING SPIRITS: Slowed supply chains, inflation, labor shortage are sapping optimism

There’s only so long you can keep your chin up. After a 2½-year battle against health and economic devastation, Rhode Island companies have been beaten...
Gian Gentile CEO
Gian Gentile was named CEO of last November. He joined the North Providence-based company in 2013 and served as operations manager and chief operating officer before taking over the top job.

Lead with empathy

Gian Gentile | CEO I have gained much leadership, operational and team-building knowledge by remaining open-minded and having the consistent will to learn. As COVID-19 changed many...

Five Questions With: Mary-Kate O’Leary

Mary-Kate O’Leary | Executive director, A Wish Come True Inc. 1. What makes A Wish Come True stand out to potential donors and the people the organization...
TRANSFORMED SPACE: David MacDonald, owner of CoWork Cumberland LLC, meets with office manager Marybeth Young in the cafe space.

MacDonald transforms Cumberland child care center into coworking space

David MacDonald had always been fascinated by coworking spaces. But he considered it more of a novelty than a practical venture for his property management...
PIVOTAL PLAYER: David Podsnap, owner of Galactic Theatre LLC on Main Street in Warren, a performance venue offering live music and stand-up comedy and a micro-movie theater, says it’s been rewarding to see a livelier downtown district along Main Street and to know that Galactic played a role in this shift.

Galactic Theatre keeping Warren ‘weird’

It has a bar, but it isn’t a bar. It began as a vintage store and became the Galactic Theatre LLC “by accident and...

Fed has power to push world into recession

The U.S. Federal Reserve holds inordinate sway over the world’s economies – yet it acts, in some ways, like they don’t really matter. Its power...

IT Support RI helps companies remain secure in cyberspace

PBN Fastest Growing Companies 2022 4. $250,000 to $5 MILLION: IT Support RI CEO (or equivalent): Nick Bernfeld and Paul Riendeau, CEOs 2021 revenue: $4.1 million 2019 revenue: $2.8...

Blount Fine Foods helps community stay fed through COVID-19

PBN Fastest Growing Companies 2022 3. $75 MILLION AND ABOVE: Blount Fine Foods Corp. CEO (or equivalent): Todd Blount, CEO and president 2021 revenue: $530.9 million 2019 revenue: $432.4...

More production leads to high profits at SEACORP

PBN Fastest Growing Companies 2022 2. $75 MILLION AND ABOVE: SEACORP LLC CEO (or equivalent): David Cadorette, president 2021 revenue: $94.5 million 2019 revenue: $76.8 million Revenue growth: 23.1% FOR 30...

After COVID-19, Lafrance Hospitality makes up for lost time

PBN Fastest Growing Companies 2022 4. $75 MILLION AND ABOVE: Lafrance Hospitality Corp. CEO (or equivalent): Richard Lafrance 2021 revenue: $75.9 million 2019 revenue: $65.7 million Revenue growth: 15.5% WITH SO...
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