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Hiring as an indicator

Has your company hired any new workers since May? Yes: 71% No: 29% How many new hires have you added during that timeframe? Less than 10 employees: 29% We...
Psychotherapist Jennifer Weaver-Breitenbecher opened Polaris Counseling & Consulting in 2015. 
The mental health practice and wellness-consulting firm has 
offices in North Providence 

Maintain focus on wellness

Jennifer Weaver-Breitenbecher | Polaris Counseling & Consulting LLC owner When first offered, working from home seemed like an ideal situation for many employees. Countless memes...

Technology and your business during the pandemic

Has your company had to adapt or upgrade its technical operation to work during the coronavirus pandemic? Yes: 87% No: 13% How has adapting your mode of...

Managing the pandemic

Does your company allow its employees to work remotely? Yes: 100% No: 0% What percentage of your employees are working from home during the height of the...

Know your team, grow your business

A highly successful basketball coach took over as coach of a struggling university team. During the first day of practice, the coach sat all...

Health care and your business

Does your company change health care providers every year? No: 100% Yes: 0% What drives your change in health care providers? (Select any that apply) We don’t change...

My generation

How many employees working for your company are millennials? A few: 85.7% Most: 14.3% All: 0% None: 0% Do you feel there is a divide in the workplace between...

A stronger workforce

What attributes or skills do you most value in employees? All of the above: 60% Strong work ethic: 30% Helping others: 10% Meeting deadlines: 0% Trying to better the...

All stressed out?

How often has your job caused high levels of stress? Somewhat often: 66.7% Not often: 22.2% Very often: 11.1% What part of your job causes the most stress?...

Being on schedule

What day of the week do your employees complete their work the most? Friday: 50% Monday: 16.7% Wednesday: 16.7% Thursday: 16.7% Tuesday: 0% What time of day do your employees...

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