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Winter blues

Does the wintry weather impact your company’s operation negatively? No: 66.7% Yes: 33.3% In what ways does the winter weather hamper your company’s operation? (Select any that...

Office sports pool

Does your company allow office sports pools? Yes: 50% No: 50% Who operates the pool on a weekly basis? Upper management: 0% An employee or two: 33.4% An outside source:...

Trick or retreat?

Does your company host employee retreats? Yes: 50% No: 50% What are the company’s ultimate goals in holding retreats? (Select multiple) Promote employee team building: 50% Our company does...

‘Out’ for the day

Does your company hold company outings? Yes: 82.35% No: 17.65% How often does your company hold outings? Once per year: 60% Once every few months: 20% Never: 20% What kind of...

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