‘Out’ for the day

Does your company hold company outings?
Yes: 82.35%
No: 17.65%

How often does your company hold outings?
Once per year: 60%
Once every few months: 20%
Never: 20%

What kind of outings does your company have? (Choose all that apply)
Holiday dinner events: 47.06%
Catered cookouts: 41.18%
Other: 29.41%
Day trips: 17.65%
None: 17.65%
Golfing: 5.88%

How does your company view outings? (Choose all that apply)
Building company morale: 75%
Way to unwind outside of the office: 43.75%
Employees meeting each other’s families: 37.5%
Other: 18.75%
Productive use of time: 12.5%
Forums for open discussion: 6.25%

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