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Despite FCC ban, AI-powered deep fakes loom over elections

The Federal Communications Commission this month outlawed robocalls that use voices generated by artificial intelligence. The 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act bans artificial voices in...
Saurabh Bagchi

Reining in AI means figuring what’s feasible

Concern about generative artificial intelligence technologies seems to be growing almost as fast as the spread of the technologies themselves. These worries are driven...
Lee Ann Rawlins Williams

Students do better when teachers get mental health support

When it comes to mental health at school, typically the focus is on helping students, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. But as school officials...
Andre ­Herrera

Unlocking R.I.’s future with blockchain tech

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, few innovations have captured the imagination quite like blockchain. A decade ago, the concept of a decentralized ledger...
Zopito “Zo” Digiovanni

The cloud can bridge the gaps during disruptions

The Washington Bridge closure that disrupted commutes and impacted local businesses in and around East Providence in December serves as a powerful illustration of...
Jason Albuquerque

Cyber Sessions: Don’t ignore the human factor in building resilience

(Editor’s note: This is the 18th installment of a monthly column on the growing number of cyberthreats facing businesses of all sizes and what...
Tim ­Gorichanaz

AI chatbot’s success says a lot about humans

ChatGPT was launched in late 2022, ushering in what many have called artificial intelligence’s breakout year. Within days of its release, ChatGPT went viral....
Michele McDonnall

Despite powerful technology, low-vision people still face workplace barriers

Imagine that you have low vision and you’re completing an online job application using screen reader software. You get through half the form and then...

U.S. joining Pacific trade pact could aid R.I.

As globalization rises all over the world, there has been much debate over embracing free trade or leaning into protectionist measures. Recent developments with...
Jason Albuquerque

Cyber Sessions: Board members play critical security role

(Editor’s note: This is the 17th installment of a monthly column on the growing number of cyberthreats facing businesses of all sizes and what...
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