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Christopher Niezrecki

The good, the bad and the opportunity in offshore wind

America’s first large-scale offshore wind farms began sending power to the Northeast earlier this year, but a wave of wind farm project cancellations and...
­Christopher Decker

New inflation figures are good sign for economy

The U.S. economy is slowing, but not crashing. In the dismal science, this is what counts as good news. That’s the message I took away...

Now is the time to ID your success factors

As we move deeper into 2024, it’s a good time for Rhode Island small-business owners to reflect on the state of their business and...
Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch

Costs of workplace violence too high to ignore

Violence and harassment on the job are all too common. More than 1 in 5 workers worldwide have experienced it, according to the International...
Sarah ­Florini

Banning TikTok won’t solve social media’s foreign influence

When President Joe Biden signed a $95 billion foreign aid bill into law on April 24, it started the clock on a nine-month window...
Robert Samuels

Grad rates for low-income students lag while their debt soars

A recent federal study on graduation rates for American colleges and universities shows that 40% of all students did not earn a degree or...

Coastal wetlands can’t keep pace with sea-level rise

Wetlands have flourished along the world’s coastlines for thousands of years, playing valuable roles in the lives of people and wildlife. They protect the...
Marc A. Streisand

Dress for success: The keys to buying quality cashmere

Cashmere holds a coveted position in the world of textiles. But the quality of the luxurious fabric famed for its softness and warmth can...
James ­Morton Turner

Green manufacturing boom in U.S. has a big problem

Panasonic’s new $4 billion battery factory in De Soto, Kan., is designed to be a model of sustainability – it’s an all-electric factory. When...
James T. Brett

Congress must act to ensure digital equity

In our 21st-century modern society, the importance of high-speed internet for every individual and household cannot be understated. Internet access enables people to search...
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