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LIFESAVER: East Providence Fire Department Capt. John Potvin calls naloxone a wonder drug when it comes to reversing the effects of an overdose. That’s why many are celebrating Narcan now being sold over the counter. 

Narcan sold in stores seen as pivotal in R.I. drug crisis

East Providence Fire Department Capt. John Potvin has seen the lifesaving effects of naloxone in action dozens of times throughout his more than 30...
University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy Dean E. Paul Larrat says there are now more career pathways for pharmacy graduates to enter the health care field.

URI College of Pharmacy dean Larrat provides communities with the right...

2023 C-Suite Awards Education: Paul Larrat | University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy dean THERE HAVE BEEN a lot of changes in the pharmacy profession...
THE ABORTION PILL mifepristone can now be dispensed by retail pharmacies, but which ones will decide to go through certification process to sell it. AP FILE PHOTO/ALLEN G. BREED

Pharmacies will weigh several factors in deciding whether to dispense abortion...

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's decision to allow retail pharmacies to dispense abortion pills means drug stores will have to make a decision...
NEW BREED OF COMPANIONSHIP: Meghan Gamboa, Ageless Innovation LLC co-founder and senior vice president, holds an animatronic cat at the company’s Pawtucket headquarters. The cats, dogs and birds produced by Ageless Innovation have been shown to be beneficial for the mental health of the elderly.

For her, Ageless Innovation much more than pet project

It was a combination of soccer, Hasbro Inc. and Bryant University that brought Meghan Gamboa to Rhode Island, where she now works as co-founder and senior vice president...
EARLY PROTECTION: Mary Norwalk gets her flu shot from Matt Lefebvre, pharmacy manager at the CVS store on Hope Street in Providence, while Art Norwalk, Mary’s husband, looks on. / PBN PHOTO/ELIZABETH GRAHAM

Hospitals start bracing for a busy flu season

The shot clock is ticking. Now is the time of year to get that flu vaccine for it to be most effective, according to an...
COMMUNITY RESOURCE: Nicholas Shanos is the owner and head pharmacist at Suburban Pharmacy, a second-generation, family-owned pharmacy in Warwick. He is holding a bottle of his own hand sanitizer. / PBN PHOTO/MICHAEL SALERNO

Independent pharmacy offers Rx with personal touch

Nicholas Shanos originally planned to take his birthday off from work. But that was before the new coronavirus hit Rhode Island, making Shanos’ role as...
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