Trilix Launches Business Intelligence Offering, Empowering Companies to Derive Actionable Information

Cranston, R.I. – Thursday, March 28, 2019—Trilix, a Rhode Island-based custom software development firm, has announced the launch of its Business Intelligence offering, designed to help organizations transform their sea of data into actionable business information so that they can expedite, quantify and validate their decision-making process. Through its Business Intelligence (BI) arm, Trilix will help organizations realize several gains by creating a single source of truth for business information. Trilix leverages proven market leader technologies like Power BI and Tableau to create real-time, accurate reports on key company information.

“So many businesses, across many industries, are generating enormous amounts of valuable data, but are not leveraging that data to make decisions, grow their business and better serve customers. In short: they are data rich and information poor,” says Trilix Vice President of Technology and Client Services Randall Jackvony. “Because of the work we do with our clients, Trilix is uniquely positioned to empower them to have access to the right information at the right time. Our custom software development and systems integration services expose us to our clients’ business goals and data sources. Our BI practice allows us to have further impact in our core areas, while giving client teams access the right data at the right time and in the right format.”

Trilix is helping existing clients with a number of BI-related initiatives—from extracting, transforming and loading data into central warehouses to leverage the power of proven BI tools, like Stitch, Panoply, Tableau and Power BI. Clients have reported gains in the following areas, among others:

• Ability to create real-time, visually compelling reports and dashboards on key company information such as, resource utilization, company finances, process efficiency, team performance, etc., to gain deeper insight into their environment
• Expedited decision making by having access to the right business information at the right time
• Reduced time, resources and energy spent preparing reports
• Empowered to create their own reports with the right tools
• Deeper understanding of the type of data running through their organization and how it can be used

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In the coming months, Trilix will be augmenting its team capabilities by hiring for additional BI-specific roles. Trilix will also be holding a spring event on June 11 in Providence, “Data Rich, Information Poor,” for business leaders across all verticals who are looking to derive greater value from their business information. The event will provide a high-level overview on the financial, performance and productivity gains generated from BI solutions, as well as walk attendees through some of the powerful ways BI can be used in their environment.

To learn more about Trilix’s Business Intelligence offering, visit:

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