When you don’t want to cook

After a long workday, a home-cooked dinner made of fresh, local ingredients sounds fantastic. But who has the energy to pull it together?

Craig Jones does.

Aimed squarely at working people, his new business, PVD Dinner Share, is a meal-prep service that provides fully prepared meals each week. Unlike delivered meal prep, this is fully cooked and ready to serve. And it’s aimed at the farm-to-table market.

Jones, a professional chef and caterer, recently started making meal deliveries on Mondays. But for now, on other days it’s a pick-up service. He uses the kitchen of Amos House, in Providence, where he has the pickups.

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Launched in January, he has 65 members participating, although they don’t necessarily order each week. The payment structure allows members to select packages of entrees and sides.

Each week, Jones mails out the menu for the week ahead.

“It’s designed for busy individuals who … do not feel like cooking,” he said.