Why is R.I. always ranked last in business friendliness?

Rhode Island is competing with 49 other states to both attract and retain business. Without a vibrant business culture, it is difficult to envision how Rhode Island can sustain its fragile economy. I am reminded of the ending of the movie “Thelma and Louise” as our leaders appear to be aimlessly driving our state off…
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  1. 100% correct. No large employer in their right mind is even considering moving into a state with such continually awful rankings for business climate. I don’t think the RIEDC should be so worried about bringing new companies into RI, but it should be very worried about keeping the companies it already has. Doesn’t the GA understand that businesses will only take so much before they find a better offer from a more business friendly state? In 10 years, this state could be a business wasteland. I hope the voters (rich and poor) undestand that the GA is stealing the future of RI by driving away employers. We can’t all live on public union jobs and entitlement payments.