June 30, 2010- [PROVIDENCE] Anthony Gemma, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress from Rhode Island’s First District, has won the formal endorsement of Providence’s Fifth Ward Democratic Committee.

Seasoned political observers are appreciating that vote as a clear indication of significant, statewide grassroots support for Gemma’s candidacy.

“I am honored and thrilled by this vote of confidence,” said Gemma. “Clearly, members of the Committee are Democrats loyal to party principles. They are Democrats committed to replacing the politics of pre-determination with the politics of self-determination. We are on the same page.”

Fifth Ward Committee member Chris Nocera said of Gemma, “I know that Anthony will work harder than anyone to help the unemployed and under-employed secure well-paying jobs commensurate with their skills and experience. I know that he will address complex issues thoughtfully. I know that he will hear us, listen to us, and involve us in citizen-driven government.”

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Mr. Nocera added, “Anthony Gemma is a family man. He is principled. And I can assure you, the members of our Ward Committee, like the vast majority of the people of Ward Five, will work tirelessly for Anthony’s election.”

Gemma said, “As far as the capital city is concerned, our campaign is committed to winning the majority – the overwhelming majority – of votes cast in Providence. I am most grateful to Chris Nocera of the Fifth Ward Democratic Committee and to all the members of the Committee that voted for me, for striking the first organized blow for citizen-driven government.”

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