Astro-Med wins development contract from Airbus

Astro-Med, Inc. announced that Airbus in Toulouse, France placed an order for the development of a special airborne digital data recorder for use testing Airbus production aircraft, the West-West Warwick-based-based company said in a release.

The order follows the contract awarded to Astro-Med in 2003 for a special airborne version of the Everest Telemetry Recorder-Workstation for use in the development and flight testing of the A380 aircraft, the world’s largest passenger airplane. That contract involved ruggedizing the standard Everest to withstand the effects of shock, vibration, altitude and temperature experienced during flight test.

The new airborne digital recorders will be used for final, pre-delivery testing of A380, A400M and other Airbus aircraft. They will be installed in fully configured aircraft and used to measure up to sixteen channels of data, such as vibration and temperature, from sensors located throughout the plane. Information will be printed on the recorder’s sixteen inch wide chart. Once final pre-delivery testing has been completed, the aircraft will be delivered to the airline.

The Airbus contract involves development of a ruggedized recorder that can withstand the rigors of flight. Another requirement is a low form factor, which will allow it to be placed on or under an aircraft seat. The recorder will accept data from an Ethernet network and will have video output capability to allow data to be displayed on an external, ruggedized airborne display.

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Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer that consistently captures around half of all orders for airliners with more than 100 seats. Their product line-up covers a full spectrum of 12 aircraft models from a 100-seat single-aisle to the largest civil airliner ever, the double-deck A380.