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How to banish apathy

A newspaper reporter secured an interview with the devil and was interested in the deceptive techniques the devil used to build his reputation. He asked,...

Lessons learned from competition

I love sports and all the business lessons we learn from competition, whether playing or watching. It doesn’t matter what sport or what level,...

Need help? Get an expert!

When the photocopies began to look faint, the office manager called in a local repair service. The friendly technician inspected the equipment and informed...

Trust never sleeps

On the first day his son joined the family firm, the founder took him on to the roof of the factory building and said,...

Build better habits

A guy walked into a sandwich shop and the server asked what he would like to order. He said, “What do you have that’s good?” The...

The power of commitment

President Dwight Eisenhower was raised on a Kansas farm, and he never forgot the lessons he learned there. He’s said to have told the...

Perception determines reception

A bird was searching for a home to lay her eggs so that they’d be safe during the coming rainy season. In her search,...

The power and importance of friends

Someone once asked a great philosopher what he would rather have – a gift of money or a gift of friendship. “Friendship,” replied the philosopher,...

Lessons from Lincoln

Even though President Abraham Lincoln was in office during one of the most turbulent times in American history, he became famous for his ability...

Make time be on your side

“How do you explain the relativity of time?” a professor was asked. “Well,” she replied, “if I am rushing to catch a plane, and the...

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