Bryant approaches healthy goals via data analysis

Healthiest Employees: 500-1,999 Employees | #6. Bryant University
CEO (or equivalent): Ronald K. Machtley, president
Number of employees: 729

Bryant University takes an analytics approach to the health and wellness of its employees. The university, through its health insurance provider, uses health assessments to tailor programs based on the needs of its employees.

The wellness program focuses on the whole well-being of its employees, stressing physical, mental, emotional, financial and social aspects.

This year, that broad approach is yielding a number of programs and focuses, including: workplace safety with Healthcare Consumer Month; National Colorectal Cancer Month; nutrition, high blood pressure and cholesterol awareness; melanoma and skin cancer prevention; National Ice Cream Day, featuring a vegan ice cream truck; better sleep; mental health with a focus on opioid education and resources; flu season health; a fitness fair; and healthy holiday travel.

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Each month, Bryant has a table set up for Wellness Wednesday, offering healthy snacks and information about the topic of the month.

A healthy thought:
‘We truly seek to expand our programming through both on-campus partnerships … and off-campus partnerships.’
Shahara Proulx-Tracy, Human resources generalist, Bryant University