Change is inevitable, so embrace it, learn from it and grow from it

David R. Marquis | ChemArt Co. president

The world is full of disruptive business technologies. Some people may see them as a threat to our normal way of operating, others as a tremendous business opportunity.

For instance, technology now gives us access to massive amounts of data and the ability to make decisions in ways that we once thought were impossible.

At first, this phenomenon scared the heck out of me. But as I thought more about it, I realized that much like the changes we face as we grow older, the change in business is as much a part of our evolution as it is in our personal lives.

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That revelation helped me to find new ways to adapt to the changing landscape, and I want to share some of those lessons:

Acceptance: Change is inevitable, embrace it, learn from it, grow from it, and don’t back away from it.

Awareness: Look for ways to improve and be aware of technologies that are being introduced around you.

Investment: Invest in people, technology and innovation, and develop new ways to run your business.

Set clear, measurable goals: Establish a plan with expectations that drive toward evolving your business to become the leader.

Listen and learn: Be open-minded, focus on the message. Sometimes your answer will come from an unexpected source, so foster a culture of inclusion.

Don’t be afraid to tackle tough decisions: Your team can either help you adapt or they can hold you back. Make sure that your team is the right one.