Friday, September 30, 2022


Vol. 37 No. 10 - Providence Business News

Featured & Hot Topics


Knock on Wood carves out own niche in furniture market

It’s hard to miss the giant purple Adirondack chair marking the entrance to Knock on Wood Furniture Inc. in Lincoln. Ironically, the landmark is one...

Something New

Regino’s coquito family recipe popular among R.I. bars, restaurants, liquor stores

Though a popular beverage in Puerto Rico, coquito, a coconut-rum liquor, is only sold by four brands throughout the U.S., and by just two...


A financial remedy for R.I.’s aging schools

When Johnston Mayor Joseph M. Polisena visits the town’s high school, it’s a bit like taking a step into the past – and not...

It's Personal

To Savor: Cabernet franc is a hidden gem

Cabernet franc is a grape variety that jazzes me. Unless you are in the wine industry or a wine aficionado, you may not have...


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