Two Rhode Island men have formed AGREENOZZI, a company which has created a revolutionary new system that does away with traditional take-out food containers, replacing them with sustainable reusable containers.


Thomas L. Wright of Wakefield is the Chief Executive Officer, and William Andreozzi of Greenville is the Founder of AGREENOZZI. The two business partners are launching their new business in conjunction with Earth Day, April 22. “Changing the world from disposable to reusable one meal at a time” is their motto.


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“This made-in-America company’s revolutionary system will change the way we take out food,” said Wright. “This system replaces disposable food packaging with eco-friendly reusable containers. The OZZI system will enable our universities, businesses, and eateries to “go green,” while the OZZI machine will reduce waste and save on costs.”


The AGREENOZZI technology is delivered via the OZZI machine (see attached photo), which dispenses special “to go” food containers and then collects the used containers while crediting the consumer. The unique system is designed for all facets of food service: schools, healthcare, restaurants, food courts, supermarkets, quick-service food enterprises, wherever take-out food is offered. The difference with OZZI is that the containers are reusable, which will eliminate vast amounts of disposables being put in American landfills.


The OZZI concept is a godsend to environmentally conscious citizens, which explains the immediate popularity of OZZI at colleges and universities. Many school campuses across the country have been following the easy-to-use OZZI system. The large high-tech metal boxes (see attached photo), boldly marked with the striking OZZI logo, are popping up in student dining centers on college campuses from coast to coast, from Rhode Island School of Design to the University of Maryland to the University of California.


One of the first schools to sign up for the OZZI system is the Merced campus at the University of California, which is committed to zero waste by 2020. Merced collected 150,000 reusable take-out food containers from students in a short period of time, which translated into 3.5 tons of garbage diverted from the landfill and an estimated cost savings of $34,500. This led to the school winning a national award for its innovative waste reduction accomplishments.


“Imagine this on a greater scale as we are expanding nationwide,” said Wright. “This system will save our precious environment from hundreds of tons of waste each year. By using reusable containers, we will be saving our Earth’s trees and resources while reducing pollution. We foresee customers using OZZI machines on a daily basis from coast to coast when taking their meals to go. We hope to change the world, one meal at a time.”



How does the OZZI system work? A consumer orders his food “to go” from a participating food service operation. The food is placed in a special reusable container and later consumed. The empty container is returned to an OZZI machine, which dispenses a credit or token to the consumer for their next take-out order. Each machine is capable of collecting at least 120 special containers, which are regularly removed and thoroughly sanitized for their re-use.


“The goal of AGREENOZZI is to have minimal waste and for everyone to become more environmentally friendly when dining out,” said Wright.


The AGREENOZZI company is headquartered in Greenville, Rhode Island. With an exclusive patented design, OZZI products are made in America and assembled in Rhode Island, creating a number of new jobs.


“From our very start, our mission has been to be as environmentally conscious, user friendly, and 100 percent effective as possible in the elimination of disposable products generated from food service operations,” said Wright. “We look to truly change the world one reusable container at a time.”


William Andreozzi, the founder of the OZZI concept, is an inventor and seasoned food service professional. CEO Thomas L. Wright is an accomplished food service consultant who led development efforts at Johnson & Wales University for more than 25 years. Considered “a culinary guru” by experts, Wright is well known for the many platforms and brands he has built for the food service industry. Most recently, he was the keynote speaker at the annual awards event of the Academic Center for Entrepreneurship at Bristol Community College.


More details are available on the website For an interview or more information on the revolutionary OZZI system, you may contact Wright at 855-GRN-OZZI (855-476-6994), or via email at