PBN on WJAR-TV, Dec. 17, 2018

Ellen Slattery looks to bridge the divide between special-occasion and casual fare.

Every week, PBN Editor Mark S. Murphy appears on WJAR-TV NBC 10’s Coffee Break to discuss the newspaper’s most recent cover story and other issues with Sunrise and Noon News Anchor Frank Coletta.

This week Murphy and Coletta talk about PBN staff writer Emily Gowdey-Backus’ interview with Ellen Slattery as she celebrates 20 years as the founder and creator of Gracie’s, the downtown restaurant, as well her success at branching out, first with Ellie’s Bakery and more recently with Ellie’s, a 1,500-square-foot Parisian-inspired neighborhood cafe, in a piece titled, “As Gracie’s turns 20, Slattery wants more.”