PVDonuts put up for sale

PROVIDENCE – A well-known local doughnut staple is on the market and seeking new ownership.

PVDonuts LLC announced late Monday in an Instagram post that the doughnut shop, which is now located on Wickenden Street, is up for sale. The business was first launched in May 2016 by Lori Kettelle, making homemade doughnuts that are the size of a woman’s palm and of different varieties, such as vanilla bean; peanut butter and jelly; chocolate glazed with shaved white chocolate and honey sea salt.

Kettelle, a Johnson & Wales University graduate, told Providence Business News in 2016 she launched PVDonuts because she sensed a gap in the city’s food scene for gourmet doughnuts.

Now, according to the company’s social media post, the decision to put PVDonuts up for sale came down to “mental health and matters in [the owners’] personal lives.” PVDonuts’ post also said ownership had thought about selling the business “off and on for a few years.”

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“We’re also at a different place in life since we started PVDonuts, and it’s taken us a long time to accept it,” the post read. “We know that PVDonuts has so much more potential, and were even planning to open another location or two, but then reality hit us and we know that as its current owners, we aren’t going to be the driving force behind a move like that.”

PVDonuts says it is looking for new ownership that is “ready to hit the ground running” to grow and expand the business beyond the company’s single location. Those interested in acquiring PVDonuts are to email the company.

James Bessette is the PBN special projects editor, and also covers the nonprofit and education sectors. You may reach him at Bessette@PBN.com. You may also follow him on Twitter at @James_Bessette.