R.I. COVID-19 cases increased by 206 last week, with 3 deaths

PROVIDENCE – Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Rhode Island increased by 206 from May 14-20, with three deaths, the R.I. Department of Health said on Thursday. 

Typically, the state reports COVID-19 statistics collected from Sunday through Saturday of the previous week. 

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New hospital admissions of COVID-19 patients totaled 14 last week. Of the 14 hospitalized on May 20, less than five were in intensive care and less than five were ventilated. 

By comparison, there were 5,464 new cases identified from May 7-14 in 2022. The transmission rate on May 13, 2022, was 509 cases per 100,000 persons. 

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Deaths due to the virus in Rhode Island total 3,918.

There were 4,388 tests processed from May 14-20, with 8.8 million tests administered in Rhode Island since the start of the pandemic.

The transmission risk rates in all five state counties remain at the “low” level.

There have been 932,541 individuals who have completed the primary vaccine series, which is about 88% of Rhode Island residents, as of May 12.