Ravenous Brewing Co.

THE STORY: Ravenous Brewing Co. was established in 2011 in Woonsocket, becoming the first brewery to operate in northern Rhode Island. Despite its small size in producing approximately 800 barrels per year, Ravenous has garnered a large following with its ales. The company recently relocated its operations to nearby Cumberland.

› Ravenous Brewing Co. carries approximately 10 tap lines at its Cumberland brewery, with various ales such as Coffee Milk Stout, Rhode Haze NEIPA, Blackstone APA and Cogswell Tower DIPA in the brewery’s regular rotation.

› Ravenous’ products have about a two-week turnaround from the time they are made until they are ready for consumption. It takes between two to three employees to make a single unit of product at Ravenous.

› Brewing begins with the grain, which is milled and added to Ravenous’ mash tun. The grain is then steeped in warm water for about an hour, which creates the wort. The wort is then transferred to the kettle, where it is boiled and spiced with hops and other ingredients. Once the boil is done, the beer is transferred to a fermentation tank, where yeast is added and the beer is left to ferment for about seven days. Once the beer is finished fermenting, it is cooled, carbonated and packaged for market.

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› Ravenous Brewing has two full-time employees and 20 part-time employees.

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