Report: R.I. 10th best state for coding careers 

SCRAPFLY, a web-scraping API service, ranked Rhode Island the tenth best state in the country for a coding career based on average salary and job openings. / COURTESY SCRAPFLY

PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island is a top 10 state for tech professionals looking for a coding career, according to a report by web scraping API service Scrapfly. 

The company devised its ranking based on the statewide average salary for individuals in coding careers, as well as the number of relevant jobs per 100,000 people. 

Rhode Island offers an average annual salary of $105,100 for those in coding careers, according to the report, and 395 job openings in the field per 100,000 people. 

By comparison, top-ranked Delaware had an annual average salary of 108,440 per year for coding careers, and 759 job openings in the field per 100,000 people. 

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Vermont ranked second best in the country, followed by Wyoming in third. Massachusetts placed two spots above Rhode Island, in eighth.  

Massachusetts had the highest average salary of all states, according to the report, at $128,160, but sunk to its lower ranking with relatively fewer job openings in the field, at 432 per 100,000 people. 

Elsewhere in New England, New Hampshire ranked ninth, while Connecticut and Maine did not make the top 10. Scrapfly did not provide data on states that didn’t meet this cut-off. 

Several states with some of the country’s lowest population densities made the list, which Scrapfly says pushes against “a common misconception that you have to get a job in one of the more populous states in order to get the dream job as a software developer.” 

“This research demonstrates that a career in tech and coding is more accessible than many believe,” the company added in a statement. “We can see this not only by the sheer number of job openings across the states, but by the attractive average salaries too.” 

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