Riverwalk Hypnotherapy Completes First Year in Business

Providence RI, August 3, 2022

Riverwalk Hypnotherapy has two exciting announcements. In honor of successfully completing our first year in business, we are offering a special discount for every session completed in the month of September. Secondly, Liz Morrisroe, the founder of Riverwalk Hypnotherapy, is getting certified in Pain Management with Ron Eslinger, who is the national guru of utilizing hypnosis for pain management. Pain management includes pain associated with migraines, specific body pain, PTSD, cancer, arthritis and before, during and after surgery. Utilizing hypnosis to prepare for and recover from surgery has resulted in significantly less pain medication post surgery.

In the past year, Liz has successfully helped clients overcome a variety of obstacles including anxiety and trauma, phobias and fears. She has boosted clients’ motivation and confidence and eliminated negative self-talk. In the same vein, she has worked with several clients to improve work and sports performance. She has helped numerous people lose weight. COVID and its variants are still with us and hypnosis can help gain relief from people suffering from long COVID. Liz devised a successful strategy for a new client to deal with a health problem many women face: hot flashes.

How is it that hypnosis can be engaged to deal with so many aspects of people’s lives?

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Hypnosis is the process of putting the conscious mind on pause, so we can communicate directly with the subconscious mind, where our core beliefs, attitudes and emotions are programmed. We do that by relaxing the client and once relaxed introducing the client’s desired suggestions directly into the subconscious mind. Hypnosis can feel differently to different people. Some people say it feels like a deep meditation, prayer or daydream. Still others experience pleasant tingling or heaviness in their limbs. After a session, most clients feel incredibly relaxed and energized. It is important to note a client will never do or say anything during hypnosis that goes against their personal belief systems or morals. Hypnosis can be performed in the office but also by Zoom. In fact, most clients meet through Zoom from their homes where they can interact from a place where they feel relaxed and comfortable.

Not only can hypnosis be utilized for personal growth and healing, it can also be used by corporations to improve employee health, retention and performance. Progressive organizations are implementing programs, including hypnosis, to assist employees and management teams battle stress, improve focus and confidence. These programs are highly effective and are tailored to meet the goals of the organization.

Hypnotherapy is powerful. We are heading into the 8th month of 2022, go back and examine your New Year resolutions. What goal can Riverwalk Hypnotherapy assist you in accomplishing by December 31?

You can reach out to Liz by phone, 860-508-6930, by email, riverwalkhypno@gmail.com or through the contact page on her website, riverwalkhypno.com.