Stefan Petrella

PBN 40 Under Forty 2023 Awards
Stefan Petrella | 36 | Senior vice president, director of business development, arts, culture and entertainment, Starkweather & Shepley Insurance Brokerage Inc.

What have been the most significant changes in your industry in the last five years? The evolution of technology, as well as realizing the value of relationships. The landscape has changed where we were at events nightly, weekly lunches, etc. Now there are more meetings on Zoom, texting with clients and a decent amount of events.

What is the best advice you have ever received? Control your controllables. Rather than trying to get ahead continually, control what is right in front of you, work on what you know and then grow from it.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Continually growing as a leader. I’d like to move into senior leadership at our firm, as well as continue to be a leader nationally in the arts community.

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What was your first job? I worked as an usher for Showcase Cinemas.

What moment changed your life more than any other? Working on Lady Gaga’s Fame Ball Tour during my internship in college. I had real-life experience, a taste of the arts community and the realization that I would have to work even harder to get where I wanted to go. Once the internship ended, it was back to reality and you realize that your dreams are not just given to you.

What is your greatest attribute that you bring to your job? I believe that I am fearless. I am not afraid to hear no.

Fox or MSNBC? Fox.